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Russian from scratch to an A2 level in 3 weeks

My original goal was A1 in Russian. I'm close to finish the A2 vocabulary list only with EVA method (after 3 weeks of learning).

Cristophe C. Language: Russian

I can learn more than 30 words per day!

Before this course I thought that I need to acquire grammar rules naturally. Now I know that it is better and faster to learn them actively, even if this is hard work to do. I can learn more than 30 words per day. I was able to learn 895 words in a month. After three weeks I could make simple sentences. It shocked me because I tried to learn languages in the past and I gave up each time.

Slawomir Onyszko Languages: Russian, English

Clearly better than anything else I’ve experienced!

Just wanted to say that your approach to learning languages is clearly better than anything else I’ve experienced!

Oscar E. Language: Chinese

40-5o Finnish words per week with 30-40 minutes of learning per day

I learned around 1100 words last year by just studying during the half an hour that it takes to go to work by train.

Your tips really helped. My goal is 40-50 new German words a week since I only dedicate about 30-40 minutes a day.

I hope your training becomes a big success, you deserve it!

Alberto A. Language: German and Finnish

Helpful for studying both lesser-known languages and visual languages.

I can say that I found the course helpful for studying both lesser-known languages and visual languages.

I'm currently studying British Sign Language, so there are not many free online courses or places to practise in well-known options like Duolingo, Memrise, the main language learning books.

It's been useful to create my own online revision course ​(with Vocabulary Labs).

Alison C. Language: British Sign Language

Vocabulary Labs will provide you with a clear route to success in language learning

Vocabulary Labs will provide you with a clear route to success in language learning. It's cuts out the waffle and gets straight to the point!

For me, it seems the key things are to focus on building vocabulary and grammar through actively using the language, starting with small chunks of language and continuing to build up - and therefore learning actively.

David A. Languages: French and German

My goal is over, and I succeeded!

So my goal is over, and I succeeded! (okay, I won't celebrate too much, as the target wasn't so hard: 14 new words a day for ~6 weeks, to learn 700 new words). But at the start while I was kinda slow, near the end I was going very quickly. My estimated known words for news articles rose from ~97.6% to ~98.6% (+/- random skew).

So now I have another mini goal: 1000 words in ~two months in Icelandic (going there at the end of February). Anyway, thanks again for vocabulary labs!

Richard G. Languages: German, Icelandic

The most useful material about language learning I've ever read

I've learned about 800 words so far. I started slowly as I was reading through the course but over the last few weeks I've been much better at sticking to my target of 25 Anki notes each day. I feel like I've got good momentum now so I expect the number of words I know to rise quickly.

Thanks again for your help. I go back to your course every couple of days and reread sections. I still think it's the most useful material about language learning I've ever read.

Andrew F. Language: Italian

Different than the rest

I was skeptical when I started VL. There are a lot of courses that promise a lot but deliver little. Your lab, however, is well researched with support for each step you have developed. The steps use proven methods to develop language-oriented memory.

Dennis W. Language: Spanish

I passed a C2 level exam for Portuguese!!!

I wanted to tell you that the course has helped me a lot. I signed up for the course when I was preparing myself for the Celpe-Bras (the international certification for Brazilian Portuguese) and this morning I got the results. I passed the exam with the C2 level! So I wanted to thank you because your course really helped me to achieve my goal. Now I'm going to continue the course to improve my Japanese skills. Thank you!

Marcelo A. Languages: Portguese, Japanese

1000+ new vocabulary per month by putting in just 1-2 hours per day.

Previously, I would laugh at anyone who tell me that I can acquire 1000+ new vocabulary per month by putting in just 1-2 hours per day. Now it's entirely possible because of Vocabulary Labs.

Now I'm finding and learning new 30-50 words everyday. Previously, I didn't have any plan and normally encountered new words through readings. At best, I could pick up 5-10 new words a day and I was likely to forget the meanings of those words within a few days.

Jatupol P. Language: English

The ultimate pack of methods you need to acquire a new language

Bartosz made an ultimate pack of methods you need to acquire a new language.

He covered every angle of learning process: common mistakes which most of learners do, techniques for remembering new words and practice speaking without anxiety, the main aspects of grammar which we should give our primary attention to.

If you are stuck learning a language (no matter what it is, Russian, Spanish, German, etc.) - try this course!

Алексей Д. Language: English

German from A2 to B2 in 4 months

Thanks to VL I jumped from A2 to B2 in 4 months. Bartosz knows what is effective at every language level. For example, I read a lot before, because it seemed obvious to me that it's effective but it turned out that reading to level B2 is unnecessary and slows you down. I highly recommend him.

Adrian P. Language: German

VL has completely changed the way I once viewed language learning.

I studied Italian for 3 years in high school but I don't know much, except for a few words. It was mostly just filling in the blanks and not 'real' learning. A complete and utter waste of time.

With Bartosz's methods (especially EVA), I have been able to notice words and remember them. VL has completely changed the way I once viewed language learning.

Ahmed Al Z. Language: Japanese

One of the greatest investment I did for my education

I am working everyday following your great approach and I can tell you that it is one of the greatest investment I did for my education. I'm very satisfied with my progress and I can tell you that your approach is really awesome!

Marcelo A. Language: English

I have stumped my language teacher!

Memorizing became so easy that a few times, it happened to me that my American teacher didn't know the words that I used and learned from a dictionary!

Jakub S. English

I am finally learning more words

At last i don't spend all my time on repetitions, but on learning new words.

Tadeusz D. Language: English

German from scratch to a B2 certificate in 5 months

Read a detailed case study here: How To Learn German From Scratch To a B2 Level In 5 Months: A Case Study

Never in my life have I thought that one can learn that fast! Results: learning German from scratch to a B2 level in 5 months and passing a B2 certificate.

Mathew Chwolka, MD Language: German

I learn my 20 words, repeat older words and I have some free time

In the past, I learned my 20 words per day at the bus. I wasn't able to learn them regularly because of too many repetitions and lack of time. Now, I learn my 20 words, repeat older words and I have some free time. That's a speed !

This is the course with the most useful information and the most practical methods!

Ivana H. Language: English

From 5-9 words per day to 19 with less time spent

Your approach is much than the one presented by others. You have to learn actively and first build a vocabulary to understand something. And as you have said several times, your methods have been tested.

I used to do 5-9 words a day on average. Now, in the first month, I have averaged 19 words a day. Now I can repeat 250 cards faster than 100 before. Not bad.

Ivan P. Language: German

Swedish from scratch to a B2 level in 8 months

Bartosz was recommended to me by my colleagues who also learned Swedish. I heard from them that thanks to his methods I can learn how to speak quickly. However, I did not expect that it can happen that fast. I attended our first classes with the assumption that I will learn Swedish in a couple of years, but as it turned out, I achieved fluency (B2) after 8-9 months of learning from scratch with 1 hour of classes per week,

Joanna Polubok, MD Language: Swedish

You don't need years spent abroad to master a language!

Bartosz is a role model and an example of how you don't need purse-draining courses, or years spent abroad to master a language. Sorry, I know this has been my excuse for years... Bartosz has a cheaper and equally effective way of doing it and his very own techniques and tips about how to learn fast.

Magdalene B. Language: German

One of the best investments in language learning that I have made

This course is so full of great information and ideas about learning a new language that it is like trying to drink from a fire hose. I can see how this course enables a person to become a polyglot and learn new languages quickly and easily. It is one of the best investments in language learning that I have made. Thank you for your efforts.

John G. Language: Spanish


I am learning anywhere from 20 to 60 words per day!

I love the EVA method and I am so much more confident with my English now. I feel better at work, but also I'm reading my first novels in English, and I'm surprised how much about a normal book I understand. I'm also learning about a lot of things (in youtube and blogs) that I never would have time for learning. For example learning about surfing, mixing music, songwriting, how to make beer, etc. Everything is a good excuse to get new words to fill Anki up 😛

I'm investing 10 - 20 minutes to review the due words, after that If I have time that day, I look for contents I like and get new words that I write in Anki with the EVA methods. I invest then between 1 and 2 hours depending on time, how much fun I'm having, etc. There are days where I end up with 20 new words, and there are days where I end up with 60 new ones

I think if I continue like this in the next months, probably by the end of 2020 I'm gonna be in a very high C1 level, which is now my goal. After that I would like to do the same EVA method with German and get my C1 German level to be as thorough as possible.

José C. Language: English

I have managed to learn over 1000 words in a couple of weeks.

I have managed to learn over 1000 words in a couple of weeks. These represent some hundreds of words I had problems with in Memrise. Mostly because they were to abstract, needed much content or had a lot of different confusing meanings.

This is by far the best course for independent learning, becoming an seasoned autodidact and an efficient polyglot. It uses simplicity and well tested concept that works.

The course was focused on simplicity in all its details. This I do really appreciate. I, myself usually make things too complicated to be meaningful. And making everything yourself. Do-It-Yourself is somehow deep in the Swedish cultural DNA.

Johan P. Language: Russian

I've managed to improve my learning systems

Before working with Bartosz, I was already a seasoned language learner. However, I felt I was missing a few systems that would allow me to automatize my language learning, to make sure the process would be as painless and efficient as possible. The sessions with Bartosz forced me to look deeply into my systems and, with his help, I managed to improve them so that they would fit my needs. Bartosz is extremely knowledgeable on everything that concerns long-term memorization, learning automation, and breaking down complex problems, which turn out to be very useful skills even outside of language learning. All in all, Bartosz has had a tremendous impact on my approach as a language learner, and I'd recommend him wholeheartedly to anyone who is serious about taking their languages to the next level.

Ricardo Ribeiro Language: Polish

I’ve doubled my vocabulary acquisition without really trying

Vocabulary Labs provides a phenomenal boost to learning another language. I’ve doubled my vocabulary acquisition without really trying! Bartosz has so much material in this course that I feel as though I’ve barely scratched the surface.

Initially, I thought that the price was at the upper end of my “comfortable” range. Now, having completed the course, I feel as if it would’ve been a bargain at double the price -- or more. The course was laid out logically and contained so much material that I’ve already revisited many of the suggestions multiple times. Every time I reread an area, I discover new insights. And, with lifetime access, how can you go wrong?

** 2 months after finishing the course)

In the past month, I’ve learned 1550 words and only have 450 to go before my “2000 frequency list” is all in Anki.

Mike B. Language: French

More progress with 20 minutes per day than ever before!

Although at present I devote about 20 minutes a day to study, I see that I have learned more than in the last month, going to ordinary language classes.

The beginnings were not easy, because it is difficult to change habits concerning the ways of learning, but I have already managed to convince myself that it is worth it. I recommend this training to everyone, especially those who say it is too late for them to learn a new language. Bartosz's methods show that it is not as difficult as it may seem.

Anna K. Language: Swedish

Italian from scratch to an A2 level in 6 weeks / 15 minutes per day

Thanks to new tools I learned during the course, I save now more time, can prepare my own learning material and have it all in one place. I get the advantage of the short periods of spare time during the day rather than sitting down and studying. Now I don't consider learning as a tiresome activity.

Starting from scratch and after a 6-week period I could perfectly read and understand Readers Books on an A2 level in Italian (understanding almost 90-95%) of the content). I acquired more than 700 new words (with context phrases). I am aware I could have done it better but taking into account that I spent only 15 min daily on learning I find the results impressive.

Anna M. Language: Italian

I'm now incomparably more confident and don't feel tongue tied.

First I wanted to let you know some good news to show your course is definitely working. When I first did the vocabulary test I scored at 95%. This morning I read 4 articles at C2 level and am up to 97.7%, so I'm really happy thanks. It's given me a real boost to see clear evidence that going bat shit crazy every day trying to fit in Italian every moment I can is paying off :D.

The grammar is also working brilliantly - deep learning is a real game changer and I'm learning and remembering various tenses a lot quicker. Same for the speaking where I'm now incomparably more confident and don't feel tongue tied.

Learning pace: 3500 words in the first 4 months

Tristan C. Language: Italian

First 500 word in 2 weeks!

Taking part in Vocabulary Labs course was my best decision when it comes to learning a foreign language so far. The course is very practical and science-based. It will teach you how to learn foreign language on your own in an effective way step by step without spending extra money on additional courses, books and so on. It's up to you how long will it take to achieve your goal.

I started to learn Swedish using methods from this course and within 2 weeks I learned 500 new words. The man who created this course - Bartosz Czekała was very supportive at any time when I needed help with my learning. I recommend taking part in it!

Agnieszka C. Language: Swedish


Finnish from scratch to a B1 level in 3 months

Read a full case study: How to learn Finnish Fast – from scratch to a B1 level in 3 months

"I started using your method on May, 5th. On May 10th I realized I've already achieved more than after 2 months of Duolingo. And that's not because Finnish is easy and German is not. Actually, it's the other way around.

For the experiment to be totally honest, I chose a language which looks absolutely alien to me: Finnish. It has nothing in common with the languages I know, since it belongs to a different family.

(...) At the end of the third week of my experiment I found an online placement test offered by some Finnish language school in Moscow. The result was that they suggested I join their second semester group (which means I’d achieved in 3 weeks what they were studying for 4 months at the same price which I paid for your course).

The course has changed my perception of language learning so much that sometimes I feel my progress is slow. At this moment I remember my words “I’d call reaching A2-B1 in 3-4 months a tremendous success”. I know this phenomenon of greediness from my students, and now I’m experiencing it myself. Funny, but when I was doing Duolinguo making no progress whatsoever, I didn’t feel that I was going too slow.

Katrina Y. Language: Finnish

I've earned the nickname of "Vocab Queen" with the pace of 35+ new words per day

VL changed the way I do flashcards. I can easily learn 40 words a day with a few simple methods introduced in the course. There's no fluff here - just how to set yourself up to learn a language in the most efficient way possible. I feel that there is a direct correlation between how well I adhere to what I've learned here and how efficiently my limited study time is spent.

I also like the emphasis on what will bring the greatest ROI, rather than "here's a random thing you should do that will probably help somehow" was very refreshing

Without spending a proportionately longer time studying than before, I've earned the nickname of "Vocab Queen" in my class, and have been known on occasion to come up with words quicker than my teacher, who is a native speaker! And I have a clear path to further decrease the time I spend, rather than feeling like I'm pushing the limits of what I can do in a day.

For example, I sustained adding 35-40 cards a day for a good 2 months straight - and although I've fallen a little recently I still easily surpass my previous goal.

I liked learning languages before, but now I feel like anything is possible

Anne C. Languages: Korean, Arabic

From an A2 to a B2 level in 6 weeks vocabulary-wise

This course was the best possible means of getting from level A to level B in the shortest amount of time. The writing was leavened with humor, to the point, and very convincing. The wealth of information was truly astounding. I found more sources with which to proceed on my own than ever I thought existed. There's no need to go elsewhere, as this source answered all questions and provided the means of going forward when it comes to language acquisition.

In the past, I had a pile of books that I was sloughing through prior to signing up for this course, and I experienced the freedom possible when getting away from them and sticking with a dictionary and phrases that made it possible to talk about my interests and history, which I wouldn't have been able to do had I stayed with traditional methods.

I went from an A2 level to almost B2 in the past six weeks, at least from the number of vocabulary items specified.

For example, I took apart some film subtitles in my target language to study vocabulary and grammar with via Anki. Watching the original films again, I was able to understand better than 70% of the dialog. Prior to this exercise, I was only able to understand maybe 35-40% of the film.

Bruno Z. Language: Croatian

More progress in a couple of weeks with Vocabulary Labs than during the past 3-4 years with any language.

I used to jump from one language to another as I wasn't feeling like I'm doing any real progress and learning a language seemed like a very slow process, which made me even try to learn 3 at the same time as I didn't want to wait until I would be able to speak multiple ones. Overall, I basically made all the mistakes from the Mistakes Module.

In regard to Polish, first as a disclaimer, I was able to read and knew the numbers up to 20 since 4 years ago, but I wouldn't know how to say more than "Mam na imię Adrian. Miło mi cię poznać" and had no idea what the individual words in the second phrase actually meant.

I started trying to learn this language again in the beginning of June, but not very intensively until the end of the same month, when I decided to focus more on it. During this time, I also went through most of the articles on Universe of Memory as well, which radically changed my opinion on language learning, but initially, I was still hesitant to take this course and waited for a while, which I now wish I didn't do.

This course provides effective methods for fast vocabulary acquisition and automation of language usage.

I'm not very organized as a learner and still working on this, but after only 2-4 weeks of mainly using:


- The EVA method,

- A frequency dictionary

- Speechnotes for pronunciation

- Google translate for some words I wanted/thought I need to learn on the spot

I was already able to make small talk. This also serves to prove one of the main takeaways from this course, that at least at lower levels it's better to keep a minimal amount of learning resources, as this reduces the cognitive load and activation energy and effectively speeds up the learning process.

I have yet to use all the methods from this course, but I already feel like I've done more progress during these weeks than I did during the past 3-4 years with any language.

I have a much easier time finding words I would be interested in learning. It takes less time to repeat the words due to different strategies. Overall my studying speed, for most of the days I managed to study new words, so far stayed at somewhere over 20 words per day, but this Friday I managed to learn over 33 I think, while I was traveling

Adrian R. Languages: Polish, German

For 7 years I have struggled with Hungarian - not anymore!

For 7 years I have struggled with Hungarian and that is mainly because I was always overwhelmed by the grammar. This long-term confusion had led me to many roadblocks in learning Hungarian. Knowing that I can simply learn the main grammar principles means that I can actually make MAJOR progress!

Suddenly, I can finally see what stands between me and basic Hungarian fluency. That is a major leap for me. Knowing what stands between me and basic fluency makes a huge task suddenly seem very manageable. It's quite a relief to know this!

Before your course I was in the land of the Impossible, and now I firmly know that I CAN DO THIS.I now have a very clearly defined goal for learning Hungarian, whereas before I only had the question: "which useless language course should I buy next?" Your course is the first language course that I have ever owned where I actually looked forward to reading the next units and modules. Other language courses simply reminded me of boring and ineffective school work.

I thought for years that Hungarian would beat me (it had done for such a long time). But you have shown me that a smart guy in Poland had other ideas :) I have mainly mentioned the grammar side of things in this email, but of course every unit is a little nugget of gold that will feed me knew techniques when I reach those stages. Thank you!

Ashley Benett Language: Hungarian

Learning pace of 30-40 words per day

This course is amazing. The language learning world is full of supposed experts all pushing their idea as being the only one that works. For a new language learner it is a painful process of trial and error because you have no idea who to believe. Luckily for me, part of my trial and error led to this course.

Unlike the ideas pushed by others of passive listening and reading, this course is much harder. It takes a lot of energy to work actively on the things that matter. The difference is this course WORKS.

It is based completely on science and is the work of a man who has been through a lot of the same trial and error as every one else. He doesn't just tell you what works, but WHY it works.

For me, I set out learning around 20 words a day. However, I was then lured away to people promising the world with much easier methods. None of them worked and I came back with a new determination because now I had solidified in my mind what does and does not work.

I am annoyed that I wasted a couple of months trying that stuff but the important thing is I came back. My vocabulary and grammar are now fast improving and for a beginner this is all that matters. The rest comes later. Most products relating to language learning I have ended up returning for refunds but for this course I would have paid double.

Finally, I need to mention the creator of this course Bartosz. He is truly amazing. He responds to ALL emails even long after you have purchased the course. He even discourages you from spending extra money on private lessons with him because he is happy to help you in email for free. He is unique in the language world because he does not have an ego and really cares about his clients.

Learning pace:

30 or 40 new words most days added to Anki.

** 6 weeks after finishing the course

Today I managed to read a Japanese newspaper article online and I would estimate I understood about 80 - 85% of it. Certainly I understood everything the article was trying to express. Little victories keep my motivation high!

** 2 months after finishing the course

I just thought I would tell you about my little successes recently. First I have saved money by cutting my weekly Japanese lessons from 5 to 3. I simply don't need them all now I have such a concrete plan.

Also, in line with your article about studying up to 3 fields of knowledge, I now also study Poker (played for a few years...badly) and some psychology.

Leon Mc. Languages: Japanese and Korean

Over 2000 Korean words in 2 months

Got into mnemonics- stored... I wanna say ~300 words and a slew of grammar- it didn't stick so well cause its so abstract-basically tags you stick on words. I revised a lot, but similarly, it seemed like a game where it wasn't all applicable to conversation. Lately with the textbook I've studied from I've picked up words in context of sentences, but its goofy textbook stuff that makes my eyes bleed. what you've said about encoding really intrigued me, because so much of my conscious learning has flopped and basically (at least 70%) been short term memory stored-whereas some words I learn in some situations are seared into my brain forever.

Hey Bartosz! I know a bit over 2,000 altogether now after 2 months, so now clawing my way to the 3,000 benchmark. Sometime since your last email (maybe 3 weeks) I've been doing 26 words a day, though there has been a couple of days life got in the way, and a couple I've added more than 30. Basically been improving with EVA system all around, phrases and words are jumping into my head often. Doing it faster too.

Joe C. Language: Korean

From spinning her wheels to learning 2 French and Spanish at the same time with great results!

My learning is more coordinated. Every day I know what I will be doing. I am not wandering around the way I was before. I have more focus since I am channeling everything through ANKI which gives me the opportunity to review vocabulary, expressions, and grammar even while learning new concepts. All vocabulary from my high frequency list, italki sessions, and listening comprehension transcripts will be entered into ANKI. In this way, I anticipate moving forward at a more rapid pace. I will not need to be searching for notebooks for different tasks. I am really motivated now.

I feel that I have a lot of the pieces, but now I need to work on more opportunities to speak. Before I started this program, I could not remember my vocabulary and spent lots of time trying to remember as I reviewed. Now, the review process is much faster since I put more work in the learning phase...retention intention and meaning making. (Love those terms!). Also, I had been working on 2 languages at the same time.

Now I am focusing on intense French for 3 months and then I will move back to Spanish, but continue maintenance activities for French.I am also more goal oriented. I intend to be C1 in reading, writing, speaking and listening in 3 months. Possible? I am not sure. I may be about B2 now, so why not?

Vocabulary Labs provides a step-by-step program to guide language learners in acquiring vocabulary and grammar in an efficient and focused manner. No more jumping around!

Yes, I think now that I will make progress and will be able to move forward. C1 by October 1 in French! Goals, focus, meaning making!

Susan E. Languages: French and Spanish

From being chaotic to learning over 4ooo Dutch and 500 Chinese words in 3 months

I think I'm learning a lot of vocabulary, words that I had no idea about at the start of the course are much more familiar to me now. I've also come across them in my listening too. Just from making the cards, I have a much better understanding of how 'words' work. I've also found that from my grammar cards, I'm now incorporating the grammar that I've learnt into new cards.

Conversation - general one to one conversations are going much better. I'm more confident about the grammar and the pronunciation. Also words come much faster.

I feel that I have progressed. Obviously with vocabulary, but also in my listening and speaking abilities. When speaking, if someone says you made mistake, in more cases am I now able to correct myself.

"(....) I have received a few compliments from people about my Dutch. Yesterday, I also managed to solve an administrative problem we had with a Telecom company. I was pleased that I didn't use google translate and my replies were quick (though probably with mistakes).

In a little bit over 90 days Chris learned:

Dutch - 4113 words
Chinese - 539 words

Chris R. Languages: Durch and Chinese

I do not say this lightly: this course is a masterwork of human learning.

I just completed this course and I'm not one to give superlative praise nor to advertise other people's products, but what Bartosz Czekala did in creating this compilation is literally THE BEST language learning advice in the known universe right now.

Not a lot of material goes into detail with how to learn a language to near-native fluency. There's a reason for that--because apps and similar products really cater towards beginners because they are the largest marker. As a result, none of the answers on how to speak your target language like a native are really out there. And if they do, they're elusive. And the good news is that they're right here.

Within beginning the course and focusing more on language quality-over-quantity and on my heritage languages in particular, I found myself unstoppable when I applied the techniques. I could understand songs within a matter of a week or two of study. I found myself more capable of talking more like a college graduate rather than a high school student.

I found myself capable of understanding 99%+ of text in my best languages, and my ability to understand and speak Polynesian languages (Tahitian for the past few months, now focusing on Hawaiian) skyrocketed to something almost superhuman.

There is a very clear recipe to follow to get to a C2 level, which is sounding like an educated native speaker, and while it is not an instant magic potion it is laid out very clearly here with what to do to get there.

I do not say this lightly: this course is a masterwork of human learning, and you really only need two things to achieve that success. (1) the right techniques and (2) understanding how your memory works. That's it!

10/10. The literal best of the best.

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